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Sorting Hat, Part 1
Sorting Hat, Part 1

Look, I hardly ever take “which are you?” quizzes when they pop up in my Facebook feed.

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My Greatest Fear #53: Driving Without a License

A few days ago I accepted a short-notice dinner invitation (Vietnamese food–how could I say no

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The Magic of Live-Tweeting
The Magic of Live-Tweeting

For the first time in years, I was glad to be watching live TV tonight. I was finishing up my dinner

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3 Big Ways to Improve Your Friendships Today
3 Big Ways to Improve Your Friendships Today

Years ago I stumbled upon a fascinating list of attributes related to happy, long-lasting marriages.

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Pet Please #124: YouTube's Accelerate Feature
Pet Please #124: YouTube’s Accelerate Feature

Last Friday, I was getting ready to leave my condo for dinner (more ramen, of course). I realized, t

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