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Akira: Not the Movie
Akira: Not the Movie

I studied abroad in Japan from 2001-02, and I had the good fortune of becoming friends with several

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My Greatest Fear #53: Driving Without a License

A few days ago I accepted a short-notice dinner invitation (Vietnamese food–how could I say no

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I Heart Supergirl

Last week, CBS and other major networks revealed trailers for their fall television lineups. One of

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3 Key Elements to Successful Relationships
3 Key Elements to Successful Relationships

While spending time with my extended family this past weekend, the question people asked me the most

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Pet Please #121: Discovering and Plucking an Unexpectedly Long Hair Growing on a Part of Your Body That Doesn’t Have Long Hair

This is my favorite. I am not a particularly hairy man. I’ll leave it at that–I think it

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