Bicyclists: Share the Road!

When the gas prices skyrocketed this past summer, it seemed like there was a sudden proliferation of bicyclists on the road. I don’t know the rules in other cities, but in St. Louis, you can’t bike on the sidewalk, so the bicyclists were literally on the road.
Problem is, American streets aren’t made for bicyclists. In fact, many city streets in St. Louis are made for two specific things: driving in the left lane and parking in the right lane. That leaves no room for bicylists.
And yet, even with the recent drop in gas prices (I saw regular on sale today for $1.59), the bicyclists persist. They’re stubborn like that. They think they have the same right to the roads that car drivers do. And they’re kinda right–they have every right to used paved infrastructure to get to places. However, if you’re going to bike on the road, you have to at least try to follow the same speed limits as everybody else. Roads aren’t for leisurely bike rides. Bike paths serve that purpose. Roads are for getting from one place to another at the posted speed.
I’ve heard from bicyclists that they’re annoyed that cars don’t share the road with them. Well, bicyclists, the deal goes both ways: You have to share the road with cars. If you’re on the street, you should be moving.

I’m sorry about this rant (hopefully it’s somewhat constructive), but today I literally couldn’t get over to turn onto Lindell because several bicyclists were coasting along in the right lane. In the middle of the right lane, so I couldn’t get over at all. So I missed the turn. That never happens with cars.
So to all bicyclists out there: Please, share the road. There are innocent cars out there trying to get from place to place.