Peter Pan Syndrome

NOTE: A concerned reader pointed out that Peter Pan Syndrome is an actual syndrome. I hope it’s obvious that my blog is not intentionally inflammatory; if this entry offended anyone, I apologize.
Some women look ravishingly beautiful with short, cropped hair. Others look cute and hipster-ish. However, those two categories are significantly outnumbered by all other women. With extremely short haircuts, those other women, unfortunately, look like boys. Often young boys.

This is called Peter Pan Syndrome.
First, let’s address the nomenclature. In 91% of all Peter Pan plays and movies, Peter himself–an unaging boy–is played by a woman (usually Julie Andrews). Why is that? Do you know how confusing that is for an actual young boy to watch? Here’s this awesome kid who lives in a land of children and fun and battles where no one gets hurt. A kid who can fly. Any young boy wants to be Peter Pan. But no little boy wants to turn into a woman to have everything that Peter has. Is that the sacrifice one must make? For a little boy, that’s simply not worth it.
Second, let’s talk about the haircut. I was at a pizzeria today for lunch, and I noticed a boy–15, maybe 16–clearing tables and fetching drinks. “Good kid,” I thought. “Earning his keep.” But then the kid turned around, and sure enough, it was a fully grown woman. Probably older than me.
What it really comes down to is, do you know you look like a young boy? Is that the look you’re going for? If so, I applaud you. You have achieved your goal. But if not, you might want to reconsider.