The U.S. Makes-No-Census Bureau

Last week, a few days before Thanksgiving, I got a letter at work from the U.S. Census Bureau. It was a notification that I would soon be receiving an American Community Survey questionnaire regarding the residents in my building (there is a house attached to the church where I work). I promptly recycled the notice–I’d deal with the survey when it actually arrived, right?

This past Monday, I received another notice in the mail informing me that as a follow-up to the previous message, I would soon be receiving a survey.
On Tuesday, I received the actual survey. It’s currently sitting on my desk, because it’s really long.
Today, guess what I received? A reminder that says, “A few days ago, you should have received an American Community Survey questionnaire. If you have already mailed it back….”
Here’s what I have to say: A lot of people moan and groan about our government. Everyone has a complaint about the government. I truly don’t understand the innerworkings of the government well enough to legitimately complain. But I will say that this business of sending three different notices in addition to the actual survey is a massive waste of paper. Not to mention tax money. Maybe one notice–at most–could be justified. But three? To some extent, I think you have to run this country like a business, or you end up with no fiscal responsibility and an economy like the one we have today. And this is just bad business.