10 Fun Facts About Puerto Rico


I had the pleasure of vacationing in Puerto Rico last week. I’ll have a few PR-themed blog entries this week, but I thought I’d start out with a general overview of some fun facts about Puerto Rico.

  1. It’s not a foreign country! That’s right, it’s a U.S. commonwealth, like Virginia, my home state. That means you can go to PR without a passport.
  2. Despite Puerto Rico’s commonwealth status, cockfighting is legal there. [Edit: Thanks to an alert reader, I’ve been notified that cockfighting is not actually legal in PR. He said that “people just keep doing it.”]
  3. The island is a beautiful, sunny, island paradise that’s only a 4-hour flight from Houston.
  4. Contrary to my impression of PR after 3 days, not all of PR is a resort, and most people don’t get around on golf carts.
  5. Traffic is absolutely horrible and the drivers are extremely aggressive.
  6. Food falls from trees in Puerto Rico.
  7. Customer service is essentially non-existent in PR, particularly in restaurants.
  8. There are packs of wild dogs in Puerto Rico. However, they’re not the mangy, scary wild dogs of Mexico. They’re cute and cuddly-looking. They’re packs of wild puppies, really.
  9. I never thought I’d say this, but there’s something better than Popeye’s chicken in PR. It’s a fast food restaurant called Pollo Tropical. It’s amazing. In fact, all of the food in PR is amazing.
  10. PR has both the best bartender in the world and the most bloodthirsty iguanas in the world. More on that later in the week.