Pet Please #10: The False Alarm

Tomorrow night, millions of people across America  who have a holiday Friday will forget to turn off their alarm for the following morning. When the sun rises, millions of alarms will disrupt REM cycles. Millions of people will wake up to turn off those alarms, grumbling to themselves because they have to get ready for work. Then, millions of people will have the same revelation:

I don’t have to go to work today. I can go back to sleep.

It will be a glorious occasion. I actually look forward to forgetting to disable my alarm just so I can have that moment of freedom. I don’t know if I’ll go back to sleep–I have a lot of work to do on TypeTribe and other projects–but if I want to, I can.

Share this beautiful moment with me Friday morning. (No, not literally. Waking up with a million people in my bedroom would be awkward.) Forget to disable your alarm and awake to the freedom to go back to sleep.

Credit to Bob for this Pet Please.