Online Shopping for a Significant Other: One Man's Take

I do all of my shopping online.

All of it.

Is this relevant to my counterargument? Sure. This simply means that the way I shop is online. So why would I not shop online for my girlfriend?

Nancy’s points boil down to this:

  1. Online shopping is lazy. Nope. It may require less physical movement, but that doesn’t make it lazy.
  2. Online shopping is fast. Nope. It can take just as long, if not longer. Do you know how many options are available online? It’s ridiculous. The only time “saved” is the commute time.
  3. Online shopping is less thoughtful than “real-life” shopping. Nope. No way! Nancy uses the word “misery” here. Why would you want to cause misery to your significant other? That aside, you can buy thoughtless gifts anywhere. For example, in the forums, John mentioned gift cards. Giving a girlfriend a gift card, in my opinion, is fairly thoughtless. However, like John, I like gift cards. For that matter, I like cash. I think you make it special by including a great card.
  4. Online shopping is impersonal. Nope. I think it’s much more personal. I think if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone, online is clearly the place to find it. I think spur-of-the-moment gifts that you find in person are great, but for a major occasion–the crux of Nancy’s argument–online is the way to go.
  5. Online shopping can lead to late gifts due to shipping mishaps. Nope. Oh, fine, this is true. But it allows for surprises!

Reasons Why Online Shopping Is Better for Major Gifts for My Significant Other:

  1. Prices are generally better online, so I can buy you more stuff.
  2. I can compare more items to one another online, so I can buy you the best stuff.
  3. I can easily access reviews and opinions online, so I can buy you the stuff you’re most likely to like.
  4. I can help the environment by not using gasoline, which also reduces our dependence on foreign oil.
  5. Shopping online decreases the chance that some hot young thing at the mall will seduce me and have her way with me.

I’d like to add one point in Nancy’s favor. There is something sappy and romantic about going above and beyond for a gift. For example, I woke up really early in the morning this past winter to wait in line at Target to get a Wii for my parents. The gift was special for two reasons: One, because it wasn’t something I could easily or reasonably buy online or in person, and two, it was a complete surprise. But there aren’t many gifts like that. Most things are available anywhere, any time.

But Nancy, know this: If there’s something you want to me wake up at the crack of dawn for, something that’s only available once every 7 years when the moon is a half crescent, I’ll get it for you.

Otherwise, this man is shopping online.