Management Tactic #19: Always Accept the Cake

Have you ever been at a birthday party at work and one person makes a fuss about not eating the cake?

I’ve seen this several times in my illustrious career. Someone goes out of their way to make or buy a cake for a birthday, everyone’s really happy about it, and yet one person “isn’t in the mood for sweets” or “only eats healthy foods” or “doesn’t have time.”

Here’s a tip: If someone offers you cake, always accept the cake.

You can ask for a small piece, or even just a sample, but accept the cake.

What you think you’re doing by rejecting the cake is making a healthy choice or setting a healthy example for everyone else. But what you’re really doing through your holier-than-thou attitude is rejecting not only the person who made the cake, but also the birthday boy or girl, as well as everyone else who chose to accept the cake and don’t want to feel bad about that choice. Because it’s cake.

A little cake now and then doesn’t hurt anyone. In fact, if everyone accepts the cake, it has the power of unifying everyone in the office.