Confession #6

I don’t eat at parties.

Nor receptions, nor happy hours, nor cocktails, nor house parties. I don’t eat at them.

This may not seem like that big of a confession, but let me let you in on the weirdness:

Tonight a few coworkers hosted a surprise party for an intern who is leaving. I made my trademark chocolate peanut butter pie, which I love. I didn’t have time to eat dinner because I was making the pie, so I arrived at the house at 7:30 thinking that I’d leave around 8:30 and just have a late dinner.

However, it was surprise party, so nothing went as scheduled. The intern showed up around 8:20, and I didn’t leave until 9:40.

I didn’t eat a single bite.

Of course, I was really hungry when I got home, so I made dinner and ate immediately.

Why don’t I eat at parties?

  1. At a party, I want to be talking, not eating.
  2. I wore braces on my teeth for 5 years when I was younger, and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever recovered from the self-consciousness of the possibility of having food in my teeth.
  3. In addition, I’m self-conscious about having food on my face.
  4. I’m an extremely slow eater, so even just a bite takes me out of commission for conversation for a minute or so.

Are any of these great reasons? Not really. And tonight I really thought I’d eat…after all, I had my delicious pie on the table, I was legitimately very hungry…and yet I didn’t eat. I didn’t even gorge when I came home. I had a very healthy dinner and that was that.

Also, I should add that I eat three regular meals a day–putting off eating is simply something I can’t do. I get migraines if I do. But at parties, I just can’t do it.

Does anyone else understand or experience this? I’m not looking for a solution. This isn’t something I want to change. I wish I could have done something differently tonight so I wouldn’t have thrown my schedule so far off, but I still don’t want to eat at parties.

My last confession was about gambling.