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A few months ago, I found out about an author named Dan Ariely. His work fascinated me, so I blogged about it a few times (How to Get Someone to Say Yes, The Power of an Irrelevant Option, and The Power of Origin Stories). I also started reading his blog.

A few months ago, Dan posted an offer of sorts on his blog. He asked readers to send in stories (fictional or true) about irrational behavior (that’s the subject of his latest book, Predictably Irrational), and he’d pick a few good ones and post them on his blog.

Today I was reading his blog, and lo and behold, he published my story!!!

This absolutely blows my mind. I’ll be honest–it’s big. 3,700 people subscribe to Dan’s blog. I don’t know how many daily visitors he gets, but to give you a rough idea, my blog has 33 subscribers, but I averaged 458 daily hits in January. Not only that, but it’s friggin’ Dan Ariely!!!

Go check out the story. It’s my first attempt at a fable of sorts. It’s a 3-4 minute read.