Confession #12: My Time Is My Heaven

This is what I looked like after not shaving or bathing for 44 hours.

I had a unique weekend.

I got home from work (followed by a trip to the grocery store) around 7:00 on Friday. I didn’t leave my condo for the next 44 hours.

It was lovely.

No, I’m not turning into a hermit. I just have some busy weekends coming up, so I committed to a completely clear schedule this weekend (until kickball on Sunday) so I could focus on writing. I barely even opened Twitter.

You see, ever since April started, I’ve been working on writing a movie script. A romantic comedy. The goal is 100 pages. Last weekend I wrote 35 pages, followed by a busy week, and then I shut myself in this weekend to pump out the rest of the screenplay.

As of 3:00 this afternoon, I have 94 pages. First draft: complete.

I still have a scene or two to add and some holes to fill, but overall, I’m pleased with it. It was fun.

I can’t say that shutting myself in for that long felt normal. I definitely missed out on some fun social activities. But by giving myself ample time to create instead of consume has made me walk away from this weekend feeling very satisfied. Hermit status aside, I couldn’t be happier.

Do you ever do things that are completely against social norms and discover happiness in them? What is your ideal weekend?