I Am Iron Man 2

Two years ago, I wrote an entry on this blog (complete with photos) about the sheer joy I experienced while watching the first Iron Man movie. It was such a revelation to have a superhero movie come together that well.

Thus I was incredibly excited about Iron Man 2: The Ironing. I eagerly awaited each of the two trailers released over the last four months, skimmed some early reviews to assure myself that there was nothing drastically wrong, and then finally went to see the movie on Sunday night.

I really liked it. I didn’t love it.

Iron Man 2 is a very good superhero movie. It elevates the first movie to a new level, although it’s a little slow to move on certain things. The backstory about the father simply didn’t do it for me.

As I digested the movie over the next few days, I tried to put my finger on what was off about the sequel. I’m still not sure if I know what it is, but I definitely know part of it:

The trailers showed too much. I walked into the movie already knowing way too much about the movie, so it wasn’t as fresh as the first one.

I believe that movie trailers should only show footage from the first third of the movie. I don’t need–or want–to know the whole story of the movie. I just wanted to be hooked enough to watch it, and footage from the first third should do just that. (An alternative that I also like is to simply show an uncut minute from a great scene in the first third of the movie.)

The Iron Man 2 trailers showed way too much of the movie. There are so many little surprises spoiled in the trailers–why? Why do this? Is it really that hard to convince people to see this movie?

And yes, I know I had the choice to simply not watch the trailers. But that’s really hard to do when I’m excited about a movie. After all, I’m the audience–shouldn’t the trailers be catered to me, not me to them?

What do you think about Iron Man 2? Or movie trailers in general?