Pet Please #28: Chocolate Chip Pancakes

My subject line isn’t long enough for the full pet please, so here it is:

Pet Please #28: The First Time That You Learned That Chocolate Chip Pancakes Were Possible

Do you remember your first time? I think everyone remembers their first time. It’s hard to forget.

Mine was in Seattle in 1989. My family had flown out from Virginia to join my father on a conference. We were a pretty frugal family, but we splurged on room service the first morning in our hotel.

There was something on the menu called “Dalmatian Pancakes.” My mother ordered them because she thought they’d be fun and kid-sized–she had no idea what they really were.

Dalmatian Pancakes, as you can guess, are chocolate chip pancakes. I still remember my joy at seeing my two favorite things on the plate in front of me: chocolate and anything else.

From that day forward, when my mom made special breakfasts, I requested chocolate chip pancakes. To this day I make them for myself almost every Sunday. I’ve made them for roommates, friends, girlfriends, and even the Queen of England (okay, maybe not). They’ve brought me an incredible amount of joy.

But I’ll never forget that first time.

(Sidenote: One of the two authors who are with my new publishing company has posted her first blog entry…ever. Check it out here and subscribe and comment and buy her book when it comes out.)