Welcome to Deer Tick

A former girlfriend of mine once saw John Mayer before he was John Mayer. Have you ever had that happen?

I think I had that happen tonight.

I saw a band called Deer Tick at Off Broadway in St. Louis tonight. Just got back. Ears are still ringing. They were at capacity with about 200 people there.

And they were very, very good.

They’re not ready for the big time yet, but they’re close. If you YouTube them, look for “Ashamed” and “Easy.” Good gateway songs.

Some quick notes, because I’m exhausted:

  • You can apparently drink up to 48 ounces of beer after giving blood.
  • Hipster women are hot.
  • Going to the bathroom when a band member is using the urinal is awesome. I don’t know why.
  • I don’t sweat much at all. But in 95-degree heat in a small room of 200 people, I sweat quite a bit.
  • Given the above conditions, when someone walks by me and accidentally presses their cold beer against my back, it’s the best feeling in the world.
  • Hipster dude with the wool knit cap: You’re not fooling anyone. You’re just an idiot.
  • Hipster dude standing one inch in front of me despite the two feet of open space in front of you: Take one step forward, and please, please take a shower as soon as possible.
  • Deer Tick: If there’s one piece of advice I can give you, know how and when to end a song. Don’t drag it on. Don’t milk it. Don’t Dave Matthews it. Just end it so we all know when to cheer for you.
  • To opening band Dead Confederates: You’re pretty good. But I want to be able to hear the vocals when you’re live.
  • There’s gotta be nothing else even closely comparable to being a rock star. Hundreds or thousands of eyes on you, clinging to your every word. Awesome.
  • I feel like I lived a little tonight. As of yesterday, I hadn’t even heard of Deer Tick. I made the spontaneous decision to go–something completely unlike me–and had a great time. Score one for Stegmaier.

Goodnight. Wait, no, I gotta find a photo for this post. Okay, now goodnight.