Pet Please #30: Sportsmanship

I could have used a photo from the Lingerie League here. But I didn't. I kept Tuesday classy for you.

I was watching the Rams-Redskins game this weekend, and at one point a Rams player made a good run that was ended by a solid tackle. When the Rams player tried to get up, the guy who tackled him grabbed his hand and pulled him off the ground.

In a small way, I think the world is made a better place by acts of sportsmanship like that.

Some of my guy friends would eloquently argue: “Dude, it’s a game. Dude! Dude.” They make a fair point. It’s a game, and each team is trying to win. But that doesn’t mean they need to act like jerks to one another. A little human decency doesn’t make you less of player.

Daily Quickie: Despite what I said above, I’m all about players celebrating touchdowns. I don’t consider that to be unsportsmanlike. I just think it’s celebratory. I mean, you just scored a touchdown in the NFL! Even in the league, most offensive players only get to score about a dozen times a year! It’s an achievement–go ahead and celebrate.