Pet Please #31: Deliveries in Bed

When I was little, I often asked my parents for a drink of water after they had tucked me into bed.

It was the best.

It’s not like it was even that hard for me to get out of bed to get the drink of water. But there’s something wonderful about staying snug and comfy under the covers while someone fetches things for you. It’s decadent.

There are myriads of things that people can fetch for you while you wait in bed. Water, tea, coffee, the paper, the remote, your book, even full meals. I was going to say that a cup of water before going to bed is my favorite, but looking at that list, I don’t know. It’s the delivery that’s so great. Any item will do.

What’s your favorite thing to receive in bed? (Okay, that sounds really dirty, but that’s not what I mean.)