5 Unique First Date Ideas

My recent 18 first dates were pretty normal. For the most part, we just went to get drinks. Nothing wrong with that. It’s low-key, a short time commitment, and you can always up the stakes and go to dinner or just call it a night without any awkwardness.

Perhaps even more enjoyable than those were my two root beer float dates. They were delicious. I also went on one date during which we intentionally talked about every topic you shouldn’t talk about on the first date.

There are a few ideas for first dates that I want to try. These don’t necessarily have to be first dates–in fact, some are probably a little too involved for first dates–but I think they’d be interesting nonetheless.

  1. Go to a movie at the Chase Park Plaza and get valet parking. I know, nothing special about going to a movie. The key is the valet parking, a suggestion of a friend of mine. It adds a touch of class to a date without adding much expense.
  2. Go to a bookstore. I like the idea of walking around for hours and talking about books and the memories they trigger. Instead of paying for the food or drink bill at the end of the book, you just buy a book for the girl.
  3. Go to a farmer’s market and then make lunch with the things you buy. A simple twist on the typical farmer’s market date.
  4. Go donate blood together and then go out for dessert to get some sugar in your system. Okay, I know this one is weird, but you get to share an altruistic experience right away–you’re in it together. You have time to talk while you’re giving blood, and then you get to continue chatting while you eat dessert.
  5. Cook dinner for someone, and in true Top Chef fashion, require that they bring a secret ingredient that you have to incorporate into the meal. I actually did this one. The girl made it easy by bringing fresh basil, but you could end up with some really interesting ingredients.

A friend of mine mentioned the idea that she’d like to start a date with the kiss. That way you know right away if you like kissing the person instead of waiting until after the date. I like the concept, but the downside is that you may not like the kiss…are you just going to send the person home after two minutes?

What are some of the best first date ideas you’ve heard of?