Leadership Tactic #41: The Infographic Pitch

About a month ago, I read an entry on the 37Signals blog about the very first version of Meetup.com, a website that helps people connect with groups of other people in their area with similar interests. Here’s how the site was originally conceived:

That’s it. So simple, right? It may not be a 100% accurate description of the site, but it’s pretty close. In an era when people agonize over web design, this is a reminder that a single infographic can encapsulate everything your company does.

You might be able to tell from this blog that I think of random ideas all of the time. They hardly ever get past the testing phase. Up until I saw the above infographic, I described these ideas in lengthy paragraphs and plans and website mockups.

But I’ve changed my philosophy. If I can’t describe an idea in a single infographic, then I have already failed. I’ve already already lost focus. I’ve already lost the first person who shows up at my website, can’t understand what the site is about, and closes the tab.

Below is a recent idea I had that I decided not to pursue. I’m going to start to share these ideas on the blog from time to time, just the infographics. Feel free to let me know what you think, how you think the idea (or some spinoff of the idea) could work, or why you think I decided the idea wouldn’t work. I’ll respond in the comments.