Pet Peeve #20: Food Explosions in the Microwave

You’ve had this happen.

You put a piece of chicken in the microwave for a perfectly reasonable 39 seconds (why 39? Because 40 seems like too much). You walk away, pour yourself a glass of orange-mango juice, dilute it with water so it’s not too sweet, maybe turn on the TV.

Then you hear the pop.

By the time you get to the microwave, your chicken is everywhere. All over the microwave. A complete mess.

It’s the worst.

The lesson I’ve taught myself is that if I think for even a millisecond that the food might explode, I should cover it with something before microwaving it. Because without fail, it will explode if I think that. And yet I ignore that premonition all the time.

On an episode of 30 Rock this past fall, Jack was trying to invent that perfect microwave. I’ll tell you what the perfect microwave is, Jack. It’s a microwave that doesn’t make my chicken explode.

Speaking of chickens (what?), let’s move on to the last matchup of Round 2. Remember that you can vote on this matchup (one vote per person) and the other matchups this week until Sunday at noon.


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