Pet Please #52: When a Single Kick Fixes a Machine

Today was a rough day for my facility.

The washing machine was leaking. A wall was dripping wet. A bathtub was losing water.

The copier broke. Several recently installed electrical outlets were discovered to be in the wrong place. The sound system repair guy didn’t show up on schedule.

The roof needs repairs. An old elevator stopped working for a while. And the spindle that holds one of the garden hoses cracked and broke.

So after a long day of checking in with contractors and trying to fix things, I was locking up when I heard a rattling sound coming from the large air conditioning unit near the main entrance.

A cursory glance revealed nothing superficially wrong. There was something loose inside the machine.

I thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if a single kick could fix this machine?” Because we all know that it’s the best when that happens.

I wish I could report that a single kick repaired the AC unit. That would be a fitting conclusion to this blog entry, all wrapped up in a bow like a Friends episode. However, I’m sad to report that my kick did nothing.

But wouldn’t it have been great if it did?