6 Pet Peeves That You’re Not Going to Like

I expect to get some flack for this one, so bring it. These things peeve me. If they don’t peeve you, tell me why.

28. Out of shape people who don’t take the stairs. (Or park in the farthest parking spot every time they go to the grocery store. Jared didn’t lose weight by driving to Subway, people.)

29. People who don’t use cruise control on the highway. (I used to be one of those people before I understood cruise control, and now I know how annoying I was.)

30. Unemployed people who watch TV all day. (Time is a HUGE gift. Don’t wallow when you could be doing something. Anything. Make something for Etsy. Write a handwritten letter to everyone you know. Volunteer. You’ll eventually get a job, but you won’t get that time back.)

31. People who forward “urgent” conspiracy theory e-mails to everyone in their address book without checking them out on Snopes.com first.

32. People who smoke with kids in the car. Or the house. That’s just…despicable.

33. People who click on dubious links in e-mails or on Twitter. (Computer viruses persist because we enable them.)