Leadership Tactic #60: Happiness Is Underrated

The other day I was talking to a happily employed friend who is being recruited for another job. He said that the recruiting company is known for targeting people who are happy in their current jobs.

I thought that was really interesting, that the number one filter the company used was employee happiness. They aren’t looking for for people who were disgruntled with their jobs and looking to move on. They’re looking for people who have found happiness despite their circumstances (because let’s face it, no job or company is 100% perfect).

I’ve found this applies to dating as well. I’ve gone on several dates with women–and even dated one for quite a while–who seemed so unhappy with their lives. Every sentence they spoke was dripping with “woe is me.”

Now, everyone goes through some rough patches. People have bad days, bad weeks, bad months. But I find myself much more drawn to people who aren’t victims of their environment, who try to find the good things in their lives, who actively seek to change their circumstances. I’m drawn to those people when it comes to relationships, and I’m drawn to those people as coworkers and employees.

We all know people who complain and mope every time you see them. What I don’t think those people realize is that by complaining and moping, you’re driving people away from you, so in effect you’re making your circumstances even worse.

Just in case you might be one of those people, try to be aware of the amount of time you spend complaining and saying negative things today. Just keep an eye on it. You may be surprised. And if you are one of those people, stop being a victim. You don’t have to be a victim. You can choose to find happiness in your life.