The Roaming Cat

I feel like I’m entitled to the occasional cat entry, right? For those of you who experience this as your first-ever blog entry, go to the About page for a more well-rounded experience.

For the rest of you, here’s what happened: I took my laundry out of my washer/dryer combo tonight. Lately it hasn’t been completely drying my clothes, so I had to lay out all of my shirts on the bed. I knew right away that Biddy would sit on one of them, but I didn’t know which one (these are the games cat owners play).

Within a minute of spreading out the shirts and taking the first photo, Biddy had settled down. So I took a photo. But then I turned around a few minutes later and realized he had selected another shirt. Then another. Then another, where he continues to snore as I write this. All were Banana Republic t-shirts–he’s a name-brand cat.

What is your animal’s favorite spot to settle down for a good nap?