Pet Peeve #37: Sucralose

Can you guess which one I tried?

The other day a friend told me about a new line of drinks they had discovered. It’s this brand called Neuro, and each of the 8 different varieties contain a different mix of ingredients that have very different effects.

For example, my friend had recently tried the NeuroSleep drink, and she said she passed out on her couch halfway through the bottle. Usually I’m pretty dubious about these types of drinks, but her testimonial made me curious.

So I ran out to Walgreens to buy a few bottles. Naturally I had to try NeuroGasm, which “provides you with the right type of energy when you need it most.”

However, one sip in and I realized that the drink contained one of my biggest pet peeves: fake sugar.

Fake sugar is the bane of my existence. I’ll get a headache within 30 minutes of drinking or eating something containing fake sugar.Plus, to me, it doesn’t taste good at all.

Really, this is a personal pet peeve–I’m not trying to convince someone that they shouldn’t consume drinks with fake sugar. It’s just annoying when I encounter what would be a perfectly delicious drink and then I realize that it contains sucralose or one of its variants.

Does anyone else have this problem?