Mini Tournament of Cuteness

Yesterday as I was writing the blog entry for the Tournament of Awkwardness, I realized that I had a few Tournament of Cuteness entries leftover from last year. A few people sent in entries during the tournament, which I pledged to use for a future tournament. Now that I’ve changed plans, I still want to feature these three extremely adorable creatures, and you have the chance to vote for the cutest.

You have until Thursday evening at 8:00 pm CST to vote, and then I’m going to pit the winner of this mini-tournament against the winner of last year’s tournament for a weekend-long battle royale.

Please only vote once, but you can solicit votes for your favorite.

Also, I keep forgetting to post this: I wrote a guest post for a foodie blog the other day. If you love fried chicken, I think you’ll enjoy this post.