Pet Please #62: People Who Don’t Talk on Their Cell Phones While Walking Their Dogs

Amanda Seyfried, you're fantastic.

In all honesty, this post is about women who don’t talk on their cell phones while walking their dogs, but I wanted to make it open to people of all genders and sexual orientations.

Two things contribute to this pet please:

  1. I look at women WAY too much when I’m driving. I’ve recently realized that it doesn’t make sense for me to do this. I mean, I will crane my neck in a full 180 for the slightest glimpse of what might be yoga pants on a jogger. This goes against everything evolution has worked towards. I’m literally putting myself in danger in the off chance that I might glimpse sexiness on legs.
  2. I once dated a girl who treated her dog–whom she claimed to love–like a huge nuisance. To everything the dog did, my girlfriend would groan, “Peeka….” (Names have been chanced to protect the innocence of this adorable dog.) Has to go to the bathroom? “Peeka….” Scratching herself? “Peeka….” Jumping on the bed and wiggling excitedly? “Peeka….” I couldn’t understand why she had this dog if the dog endlessly annoyed her. (And serious, this wasn’t an annoying dog at all.) She’s not the only one–I’ve met tons of pet owners who seem to consider their pets a hassle, not a precious, wonderful gift of life. In fact, I hear that a lot from parents of human children too.

This might be my favorite photo ever. Who walks their dogs in formal evening wear, you might ask? Hayden Panettiere, that's who.

My point is that I often notice women walking their dogs, and the dog often seems like an afterthought. These women (like I said, men do this too, but I don’t notice them) seem to be saying, “I’m wasting my time with this animal unless I’m connecting with someone else.”

Why? Why do people do this? You have this incredible, curious, lovable, furry animal exploring the world every day as if it’s the first time. You have the honor of experiencing that firsthand. Can’t you be present to your animal–the creature you chose to bring into your life–for a few minutes every day?

As a pet owner, I try every day to not take for granted the gifts that are my two little cats, Biddy and Walter. And sure, they do weird, crazy things sometimes, but as I once told a girlfriend (not Peeka’s owner…there are a lot of ex-girlfriends), “We have animals living in our home.” How cool is that?!

So for some reason it warms my heart whenever I see someone walking their dog and actually paying attention to their dog. I hope those women know that there’s a special guy out there who will probably get in a car accident because he’s staring at you.