My Most-Used iPhone Apps

Those of you who have smart phones might relate to this: Sometimes you don’t realize that you’re consistently accessing hard-to reach apps until you become annoyed that you’re scrolling three screens to the right and looking in a subfolder for the app every time. I wish there were a way that you could sort apps by how often you use them.

That function doesn’t exist, so every few months, I go through my apps and move the ones I use most to my home screen and second screen. I thought it might be fun to share those screens with you, especially in the off-chance that you end up discovering some new, useful apps from this post.

Home Screen

The apps that aren’t obvious:

  • Mail Myself!  I use this ALL the time. Opening that app opens a blank e-mail to yourself. I remind myself of thoughts and ideas all the time thanks to that one-click app.
  • CSC…ote D  This isn’t an app, but rather a bookmark to a website. Did you know you could save bookmarks to your home screen? Nope? Now you do.
  • Urbanspoon  My favorite restaurant app by far.
  • Dragon Dictation  A free and very easy-to-use way to make notes to yourself at times when you can’t type.
  • Kindle  I send almost all of my ebook samples to this app so I have something to read when I’m in waiting rooms.
  • Foursquare  I don’t know why I check in on Foursquare, but I do. It seems important, and I’m okay with that. (It’s an app where you “check in” to wherever you are, like restaurants, pubs, anywhere. You gain points for the check in and can unlock deals at those stores.)
  • HeyTell  A free app that lets you send voice messages just as quickly and easily as you’d send text messages.

Second Screen

  • NumeroRama  A great random number generator app. I don’t know if other people need to generate random numbers all that often, but I do.
  • NewsRack  This is a slick Google Reader interface for the iPhone.
  • Instagram  I might write a full entry on Instagram soon. I couldn’t understand why anyone would use this photo-filtering app until I tried it and realized that it makes any photo look better, instantly.
  • StupidZombie  The best game ever when you have only 1-2 minutes to waste time.
  • Klout  This automatically updates my social media score. It was up to 60 a month ago, but it’s dropped a few points.
  • Remote  This is a must-have if you use iTunes on your home computer. It lets you turn on your computer’s music from anywhere in the house.
  • RealTime Stocks  Perfect for those of you who keep waiting for Facebook’s stock to get back up to $41 (oh, that’s just me. I see.)

What are some of your most-used apps on your phone?