The Joys of Meat Wrapped in Meat

With all due respect to vegetarians, there’s nothing better to us carnivores than meat combined with other meat. It’s always a special occasion when you discover a new combination of meat on meat.

Tonight my parents introduced me to a new Stegmaier family tradition, on old German dish called rouladin. Rouladin is a large, thin slab of beef covered in salt, pepper, and mustard. You put some onion, pickle, and a big piece of bacon on top of it and wrap it all up. You fry it and then let it simmer in the meat juices until its ready to eat.

Then you feast like the kings of Hamburg.

It’s melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Seriously.

What’s the last dish you cooked or were served that made your loins quiver like rouladin did for me?