A Guaranteed Soulmate

I just finished watching a really interesting romantic comedy with a slight sci-fi twist (keep reading–it’s very slight!) that posed some great questions that I will now pose for you. And myself. Because I write this blog.

The movie, TiMer, presents the idea that (a) every person has exactly one soulmate, (b) every pair of soulmates will meet at some point in their lives, and (c) science can predict the exact moment when you meet via a device that is permanently stamped onto your wrist.

The interesting thing is that TiMer is a business. This isn’t some government mandate. People can get the device, or they can choose not to. If you choose to abstain and your soulmate gets his/her TiMer device, it will remain blank (until you get yours).

Interesting concept, and a huge thanks to reader Katie for recommending it in the comments a while back.

So here’s my question: Assuming (a), (b), and (c) are true for the sake of this discussion, would you get a TiMer? And if you got your TiMer, what would you do between now and the time you meet your soulmate (it could be years)?

I think I know my answers, but it’s really hard to say since I’m not in that situation. But what I think is true is that I would most certainly get a TiMer, because I like how straightforward it is. No more wasted time doubting that I’m with the right person–I know for sure whether or not I’m with the right person.

However, I would continue to date while my clock ticked down until those doubts started to creep in. I’ve learned so much about myself and women and relationships through dating–I would still want those experiences so I could be ready when I meet The One. And I hope I could be equally instrumental for those non-soulmates.

But honestly, it’s really tough to say how I’d act if I actually had a ticking love clock stuck to my wrist. Wouldn’t that kind of certainty take the wonder and healthy tension out of the relationship?

One other question for those of you who are already married: If the TiMer device was released tomorrow, would you get it? I think the answer would have to be “No,” but maybe I’m wrong. I’m not in that situation.