Build a Better Diaper

pixie-scientific-smart-diaperI have cats, not kids. But someday I might want to have kids, and those kids will need to wear diapers. Fortunately, diaper technology is rapidly improving–these aren’t your grandmother’s diapers we’re talking about here (actually, they might be your grandmother’s diapers. That is a real thing).

Normally diaper technology would not be on my radar–it’s possibly the least likely Google Alert I’d ever set, down there with “sauerkraut recipes” and “theaters where you’re allowed to text during the movie.” But two articles on Gizmag recently caught my attention because frankly, they’re pretty brilliant.

The first concept is TweetPee. It’s a little device that clips onto your child’s diaper that alerts you when the child has peed. Which is awesome. My experience with couples who have young kids is that 50 percent of their conversations are about whether or not their child’s diaper needs to be changed. No more. You can get a tweet instead.

I think that concept is even better when applied to adult diapers. Imagine sitting on the rocking chair on your front porch, smoking your pipe and watching the neighborhood kids play pickle ball or whatever the sport of the future is. Suddenly you get a text. Who could that be? Your granddaughter wanting to tell you about her piano recital? Your best friend wanting to brag about his great week in your fantasy pickle ball league? Nope–it’s Twitter, informing you that you just peed your pants. How awesome is that? No more sitting around in a pool of your own urine thanks to TweetPee.

The other innovation is the Smart Diaper. The Smart Diaper has a little patch in the crotch of the diaper that analyzes your child’s urine. If it detects any abnormalities that are indicative of diseases, it will turn a certain color so you know to take your child to the doctor. Some Japanese toilets have done this for years, but that doesn’t help infants.

With advances like these, I can’t wait to see how awesome diapers will be by the time I have kids.