It’s Gonna Get Weird: Two Monitors

computer6 years ago, I read that having two computer monitors at work increased productivity by 150%. The reason is that you spend a ton of time minimizing and maximizing windows and switching between programs, time you could save if all of that information was in front of you at all times.

I vowed that I would someday get two monitors. Not at work–my boss would never go for it. But rather at home, a place that I try to maximize everything at all times. (Just a few hours ago I saved 10 seconds by carrying a towel to the kitchen and an empty water bottle to the recycling bin on the same walk down the hall. It was amazing.)

For no apparent reason, I never bought a second monitor. It seemed like an indulgence, something that should wait until I got a new computer.

Well, my friends, that day has come. And it. Is. Glorious.

I should first mention the new computer itself. It’s a special computer that a friend of mine at Velocity Micro helped put together. Velocity Micro primarily makes game computers, computers so powerful that they could simultaneously run the Matrix (the actual Matrix, not the movie) and play a thousand cat videos on YouTube. I need that.

So I figured it was time to make the leap into the world of two monitors. I saw a deal on NewEgg for some giant monitor (seriously, the cat videos on this thing are life size)–it’s the one on the left in the photo–and bought it.

I got the new computer this weekend. It has a friggin’ window in the side of the CPU to show the inner workings of the computer. It’s beautiful. It’s also ridiculously fast. My old computer took about 10 seconds to copy and paste a single letter in Microsoft Word. This computer knows what I want to copy and paste days before I know myself. It wrote this blog entry for me.

Most of the world seems to love laptops. I don’t get it–those tiny keyboards, the little mousepad that pales in comparison to a mouse, the fact that you can lose your computer (no one loses their desktop. Seriously). But hey, to each their own. I’ll take my iPad if I want to sit in a coffee shop and look like I’m doing work. But while I’m at home, I’m going to do 150% more than I’ve ever done before thanks to these two monitors. It’s going to be awesome.

Bonus points if you can tell me the movie reference I make in the title of this blog entry.