Shirts Tucked Into Jeans: Are We Really Doing This?

jeansLuckily for me, at both of my post-collegiate jobs, the dress code has been very relaxed. Jeans are acceptable, if not the norm. In fact, at my currently job, many of my coworkers wear shorts and t-shirts on a daily basis.

I actually like dressing up–I like the look and feel of dress pants and a dress shirt. However, I mix it up and wear jeans and either a polo, sweater, or button-down shirt a few times a week.

For as long as I can remember, the normal way to wear polos and button-down shirts with jeans has been to not tuck them in. For some reason this has never looked too casual for work–it’s simply the standard way to wear shirts. You don’t tuck them in.

A year or so ago, I started seeing the occasional male tuck his polo or button-down shirt into his jeans. I considered it an anomaly, a hipster thing that would never catch on. It didn’t make any sense, and it didn’t look right.

But as time has passed, I’m starting to see it more and more. It’s to the point where it’s starting to make untuckers like me look more ragtag and casual than we really are. This is a problem.

This issue came to mind tonight when I was watching Brooklyn 99 (which I’m actually enjoying quite a bit). Andy Samberg’s character was wearing a button-down shirt tucked into his jeans. And it hit me: If Andy Samberg, the epitome of a casual, laid-back guy, is now wearing shirts tucked into his jeans, what does that make me? Am I more casual than Andy Samberg? That can’t be.

I never thought the day would come that I would consider tucking shirts into my jeans, but that day has arrived. After all, I’ve been wrong before–I used to think that Western-style plaid shirts looked ridiculous, and now I own several.

But are we really doing this, men of the world? Are we really going to start tucking our shirts intoΒ jeans,Β of all things?

Let me know what you think of this monumental, life-changing decision.