What Is Hubble Hiding?

Every once in a while, astronomers release a beautiful photo of the cosmos to us little people to behold. It is through these photos that we get to see how vast our universe is.

However, whenever one of these new photos is released, there is almost always an area that looks like it has been censored. See the image below–this is the most recent photo released from Hubble.



What is Hubble hiding? Why can’t we see what’s in the upper left hand corner? I have a few theories about what they’re omitting:

Star Wars

This would be both awesome and terrifying. I hope gold bikini Leia is on board.

Chad Johnson

We haven’t seen him since he retired…could this be the answer?


Sometimes Biddy needs to hide after making a mess.

What do you think Hubble is hiding? And yes, if you want to be the one to share the “real” answer, go ahead and do so.