I Will Stop Wearing Pants to Work on December 16

Photo of me by Douglas Morse for an upcoming book about game designers.

Photo of me by Douglas Morse for an upcoming book about game designers. We’ll edit out the pants in post-production.

I’m pretty sure my first paying job was as a soccer referee in middle school. I wore pants on the field.

My first hourly job was working at a movie theater the summer after high school. I wore pants to work.

I had a work study job during college, summer jobs at restaurants, and a tutoring job in Japan during my year abroad. I wore pants for all of them.

I’ve had two steady jobs since I graduated from college in 2003: 4 years at one and 6 years at my current job. I wore pants every day to work.

That’s nearly 20 years of jobs that required pants.

Well, the streak will stop on December 16, and a new streak (possibly even some streaking) will begin: I have resigned from my day job and will be focusing on Stonemaier Games full time. My office will be my condo, thus the no pants policy.

Of course, it’s not the lack of pants that made me decide to take this step. It’s the rapid growth of my company and the potential I see for Stonemaier Games if I’m able to devote all of my attention to it instead of only the 30-40 hours a week I currently spend on it.

I’m fairly risk averse, but recently I’ve come to realize that the riskiest thing for me to do with Stonemaier Games is not give it my undivided attention. And that’s not just designing and publishing games and running Kickstarters; it’s writing my Kickstarter book and expanding the worlds of Viticulture and Euphoria and inventing new worlds and being more present to people across the industry through consultation, events, conventions, gaming groups, etc. I’ve had to turn down consultation work and speaking opportunities recently because of my time constraints–those are great connections that I simply haven’t had time for.

Well, no more.

I’m very fortunate that my current boss was receptive to my resignation. I really care about my organization and want to facilitate a smooth decision–having the staff be supportive of that is a huge asset. I’m also very fortunate to have a supportive business partner in Stonemaier Games who believes in the company as much as I do. It’s great when your vision is shared by someone you respect.

So that’s what’s happening. I’m letting you know because, well, it’s freeing to share it with the world. I am so blessed to be able to follow my greatest passion full time. I’ve always wanted to build something from the ground up, and I’m incredibly excited about 2014 and what it will bring for Stonemaier Games. It will be a year of lots of games, Kickstarter, events, and very few pants.