Traveling to the Tropics? Check Your Coat at the Airport

seinfeld_puffy_coatThis is a really small tidbit of information, but I thought it was cool (credit to Springwise):

Imagine you’re at the airport in the dead of winter. You’re traveling to the islands for a week on the beach while your workers scrape ice off their cars back at home.

You have a suitcase, a carry-on, one of those weird neck things that prevents you from sleeping on the passenger next to you…and a really big winter coat.

You don’t want to carry the coat to the tropics, but you don’t have a choice. Until, that is, you notice that you’re at Frankfurt International Airport (wait, how did you get there? That’s another story), and for a small fee, they’ll hang on to your coat while you’re sunbathing with a Georgia Peach in hand.

Brilliant. This is a real thing. So simple, yet so good.