Going Through the Motions

SHOWERS-FERRIS-BUELLER_610I’ve started to realize that there are some things I do so often out of habit that if I break from that routine by accident or design, the entire system comes crashing down. Even basic, daily-life kinds of things. Especially basic, daily-life kinds of things.

For example, I shower the exact same way every day. This isn’t OCD; rather, I just kind of space out for 10 minutes and do the same things I do every day in the same order.

I won’t bore you with the exact steps I walk through in the shower, but I can tell you this: If I change even the slightest thing by accident, it throws off the whole system. Like, I always wash my body before doing anything with my hair. But say for some reason I turn to the right instead of the left during this procedure.

Instant chaos.

It’s like this jolt to reality, and I’m left at a loss. I’m wide awake in the morning–I don’t drink coffee–and let’s be honest, I work at home now, so sometimes this shower happens around 3:00 in the afternoon. This isn’t a case of sleepyhead.

Yet with that simple mistake of turning to the right instead of the left, I’ve pulled myself out of going through the motions, and inevitably I’ll end up missing some key part of showering, like rinsing or trying off. Two hours later I’m still walking around my condo naked, soaking wet, toothpaste in my hair, trying to figure out what happened.

Does this ever happen to you with something you mindlessly do every day? What happens when you slip out of that routine by accident?