The Big Red Button

bttnI’m not exactly sure why I think this is cool, but I like products that bridge the gap between the intangible and tangible.

Today I read about something called “bttn,” a big red button that you can program to do…well, pretty much anything. Here are a few examples that SpringWise mentioned the bttn can do when pressed:

  • trigger an alert on your phone
  • count things (it’ll keep track of every time it’s pressed)
  • send out alerts when it’s not pressed, like if you want to keep tabs on an elderly relative

Those ideas sound relatively banal, but I feel like there’s a lot of potential for this. First, there’s something satisfying about pressing a big red button, especially if something happens when you press it. Second, you could have it trigger anything–a tweet, a photo (if you have the camera set up),

Here are a few of my ideas for bttn:

  • You could put it in a restaurant for people to press when they’re really happy with the service or to let their waiter know when they’re ready.
  • I feel like this would be good for “only use in case of emergency” situations, but preferably comical ones, like something that would happen in an Austin Powers movie.
  • It would also make for an interesting social experiment to put the bttn in a public place with a sign that said, “Don’t press the button” to see how many people would press the button.

Can you think of something fun you could do with a big red button?