Bionic Arms, the Uncanny X-Men, and Sex with Peter Jackson: My Top 3 YouTube Videos of the Week

I realized after posting the subject line that all of my favorite YouTube videos this week are related to mega-movie franchises.

The first video is incredibly heartwarming. It features a kid who is given a prosthetic arm by Robert Downey Jr. (he presents the arm to the kid, though it was created by someone else). Have tissues handy when you watch this. Also, how cool is Robert Downey Jr.?!

The next video is a spot-on trailer of what an X-Men movie would be like if Wes Anderson directed it. I would watch this Uncanny X-Men movie in a heartbeat, though I wouldn’t mind if another director stepped in for the big action set pieces.

Last we have the raunchiest video (and probably NSFW, though when you work at home, anything goes). It’s hard to describe the video, but it basically extrapolates commentary of the Hobbit movies (i.e., that they’re so long, they had multiple endings, etc.) Peter Jackson’s sex life. This one may not be for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What’s your favorite of the three?