A Cupcake a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

s517638595557816511_p6_i1_w1600If you’ve come to this blog post hoping for me to cite a scientific study resulting in an FDA-approved message that eating one cupcake every 24 hours is good for your health…you’re in luck!

Just kidding. Of course cupcakes are bad for you. But after a brief dessert-free stint, I’ve decided that I’d rather participate in a life where I can make cupcakes and put them in my mouth as I wish.

So yes, if you’ve been following this blog (specifically this entry), you know that I recently tried to give up dessert to lose some of this baby weight I’ve been carrying around. I finished off all sweets in my house and then went about a week without buying any more (my rule was that I could eat desserts–I just couldn’t buy them).

Then a few people–including some commenters–mentioned that a better way than cold turkey is to have a “cheat day.” So when I was at the grocery store looking at discounted Easter candy, I decided that it was my cheat day, and I bought all the candy.

Over the next few days, I realized a few key things:

  1. I really, really enjoy chocolate. I don’t depend on chocolate for happiness, but it also makes me quite happy to eat it.
  2. By nature, I eat sweets in moderation. I never stuff myself with sweets. I thought maybe I had a problem with eating sweets, but I really don’t think I do. I enjoy them in moderation.

Oh, and I made some cupcakes. They’re delicious.

Have you ever given up something only to realize how much it meant to you?