Pet Please #121: Discovering and Plucking an Unexpectedly Long Hair Growing on a Part of Your Body That Doesn’t Have Long Hair

This is my favorite.

I am not a particularly hairy man. I’ll leave it at that–I think it’s best for the both of us that I don’t go into a detailed accounting of where my hair accumulates and where it’s sparse.

The point is, every now and then I happen to look at a part of my body that doesn’t grow hair or long hair, only to find a REALLY long hair just hangin’ out, doing its thing.

For some reason I love this. I figure one of two things happened, both of which are great:

  1. The hair has slowly been growing for months and months, and somehow I’ve just happened to miss it over and over. What are the odds? The hair has defied all logic.
  2. The hair, in a burst of keratin, sprang up overnight, cells multiplying again and again, reaching out into the void.

Either way, I’m always delighted to discover these hairs. It always comes with a moment of shock, then joy: How did you get there?!

Then comes perhaps the best part: The Plucking. At long last I get to remove the anomaly. It’s bittersweet, letting a force of nature take flight in the wind, but it’s worth it every time.

Do you share this pet please, or is this a Stegmaier Special?