Making Out in Paris

1415964157_797558_26Lately I’ve been turning to the zany questions on OkCupid for blog fodder from time to time. Today is one of those times.

The question is: Which of these is the more romantic activity: kissing in Paris OR kissing in a tent in the woods?

I’ve been to Paris, but I didn’t have the good fortunate of French kissing a French girl there (despite it being on my bucket list). I could see it being pretty romantic, though I think what people forget is that Paris is a big city. Which means that it comes with all the unromantic elements of a big city: trash, weird smells, pickpocketers, etc. If Paris in real life was exactly like Paris in the movies, this would be a very tough decision.

Also, I would say that to properly answer this question, the kissing is happening outside in Paris (if it’s inside, you might as well be anywhere). I’m not one for huge amounts of PDA. Holding hands, maybe a quick kiss, but I don’t want to get it on while standing next to one of those people who look like sculptures near the Louvre. That’s not romantic to me.

I went camping with a girlfriend a long time ago, and there’s something primal and romantic about being separated from the wild by a thin sheet of nylon. It’s sexy.

However, it was on that camping trip that I was colder than I’ve ever been. I brought the sleeping bag I had since I was a little kid. My girlfriend had a professional-grade sleeping bag. When temperatures dipped below 50, I tried to obtain her body heat, but she was having none of it. So it wasn’t exactly the best atmosphere for making out.

I’m going to choose “kissing in a tent” as the more romantic activity, but with the caveat that it has to be warm outside. Otherwise I’m more focused on survival than kissing.

What about you? Which one is more romantic to you?