The Scariest Movie I’ve Ever Watched

downloadA few days ago I watched the scariest movie ever. I held my breath for what felt like half the movie.

I’m not one for horror movies. I saw Arachnophobia when I was way too young, and I couldn’t get past the first 5 minutes of The Ring.

But this movie was different. It wasn’t a horror movie at all. Rather…it was a movie about a musician and his teacher.

The movie is Whiplash.

Whiplash tells the story of a great college-aged drummer (Miles Teller) at a music academy who wants to be the best. While the movie follows him, it’s also just as much about his commanding instructor, played by JK Simmons.

Simmons’ character is intense. Really intense. So intense that it’s scary. It’s scary to see the things he drives the student to do without directly telling him to do anything.

I’ve been trying to figure out exactly why it’s so scary, and I think it’s because we’ve all had teachers who were really intense. Hopefully not as intense as Simmons’ character, but still pretty intense.

As much as I liked many of my teachers, I was also kind of scared of most of them. Scared because I didn’t want to mess up in front of them. Because of their authority. Because I wanted to be great.

So when you add that to a teacher becoming really intense, it creates a scary situation. I’ve had teachers scream at students, knock over desks, or throw things. And that’s nothing compared to what Simmons’ character does.

Whiplash is a terrifying movie that I never want to watch again. But it’s also absolutely brilliant. I would highly, highly recommend it. If you’re anything like me, the last scene will remain etched in your memory for a long time.