American Dates

IMG_0041It’s New Year’s Eve 2015, and something just occurred to me: Do Americans order our dates incorrectly?

We write our dates like so: 12/31/2015, or, said out loud, December 31, 2015. Month-day-year.

Those increments of time are roughly 30 days – 1 day – 365 days. Which is a little odd, don’t you think? Wouldn’t it make more sense to list those quantities of time in ascending order: 1 day – 30 days – 365 days? Day-month-year.

The rest of the world uses that system. I wonder why we Americans mix it up. It seems like one of those things that would be better if we were all on the same page, as numbers are pretty universal. 1/10/2016 should mean the same thing in France as it does in the US, but for us it’s January 10 and for them it’s October 1st.

I know, random post today. I’m still catching up on things after spending a week in Virginia with my family and adorable niece (see photo). Perhaps she should grow up in a world where dates are ordered the same way worldwide.