I Met Santa and He Fixed My Car

1.1260913761.santa-claus-repairing-his-carToday I met Santa and he fixed my car.

The car came first. I had the battery replaced a few days ago, and I made the mistake of not driving immediately afterwards, so the car didn’t start today when I got in it. I called AAA, and they dispatched a mechanic.

That repairman turned out to be none other than Santa. Of the Claus family. He drove a truck, not a sleigh, but there was no mistaking him. Older man, slightly rotund, white hair, white beard, twinkle in his eyes. Santa Claus.

As he attached some equipment to the battery, he talked about the weather that week (of course Santa pays attention to the weather). He also mentioned that it was nice that he had Christmas week “off work” at AAA during a big rainstorm in St. Louis. Sure you did, Santa. Because you had other things to take care of on Christmas. I get it.

After he jumped my car and we let it run for a few minutes, Santa assured me the car would drive just fine from then on. I thanked him, and he drove off.

I know, you’re probably thinking, “Jamey, you mean that the mechanic looked like Santa, right?” Of course he looked like Santa. That’s what Santa looks like.

Thanks, Santa. The car works great now!