When Jamey Met Gelati

IMG_5284Today commemorates a special and tragic day: After dinner a few minutes ago, I ate the last scoop of ice cream. Her name was Gelati.

Gelati was no ordinary scoop of ice cream, mind you. My relationship with her started over 4 months ago when I bumped into her at Gelati Celesti in Richmond, Virginia, when I was there for the holidays.

I didn’t expect anything to come of it, we grew close in a short amount of time. Very close. Before I left town, I took Gelati in my arms–all 11 quarts of her–packed her in a cooler with some dry ice, and transported her across state lines back to St. Louis.

I knew my time with Gelati would be fleeting, and I wanted to enjoy every last drop of her. I’ve spent nearly every evening with her over the last 4 months. She’s been the inspiration for several blog posts, including the one about licking and spooning.

This love story ends today, my friends, but with every dusk there comes a dawn. I appreciate the time I had with Gelati, and I will miss her dearly over the next few months until I see her again. Sparks will fly, waistlines will expand, and we will grow old together.

Goodbye, dear Gelati. We will meet again.