Who Buys These?

IMG_5354I want to clarify up front that my question isn’t, “Why would anyone buy these?” Rather, I’m genuinely wondering who buys these.

The “these” in question are these treats I see whenever I go to the grocery store (see photo). I don’t even really know what to call them–they’re generic treats like chocolate-covered pretzels, trail mix–so much trail mix–gummy treats, apricots, etc–but they’re not store brand.

Whenever I pass by this aisle, I have the following three thoughts in order:

  1. Oo, these look good.
  2. Wait, they cost how much? I’ll just buy a branded version of the same thing elsewhere in the same store.
  3. Who buys these?

Someone must be buying these treats if the store continues to stock them. This is a big grocery store–I’m sure they know exactly what sells and what doesn’t sell. They wouldn’t continue to stock these generic treats unless they’re being sold.

But all of these treats are sold elsewhere in the same store for a lower price. Like, take the chocolate-covered pretzels. There are several different brands of chocolate-covered pretzels you can buy instead of these expensive versions.

I must be missing something here. Maybe I’m doing the cost-comparison incorrectly. Maybe there’s a huge market for these treats.

Are you buying these? Is it you? Should I buy them too?