Would You Watch “Jaws” in the Water on an Inner Tube?

I absolutely love this.

Last week I read on Slashfilm that the upcoming shark-attack movie, The Shallowswill air on a special screen at a water park in Texas. Instead of sitting on plush chairs in a theater, the audience will be lounging in inner tubes. There won’t be an actual shark in the water, but my imagination would question that every time something brushes against my legs.

I used Jaws in the subject line because it’s more recognizable, but if you’ve seen Jaws, you know where all the scariest parts are. Imagine watching it for the first time while floating on water with absolutely no idea when the shark will attack. It would be terrifying!

Scary movies really get under my skin, so I rarely watch them, but if I were in Austin, I would be tempted to attend this special screening for the unique experience it’ll provide. Would you do it if you had the chance?

photo credit to Slashfilm

photo credit to Slashfilm