What Will Make You Stop Watching a Show or Movie?

imagesI recently wrote that I was enjoying watching the first season of Outlander on DVD. But a few days ago, something changed, and now I’m done with the show. Minor spoilers below.

In the penultimate episode, there is a torture scene that lasts over 20 minutes (there’s a brief reprieve in the middle). I cringed through the first 10 minutes before welcoming the reprieve. Then, as the second part kept going and going, I reached a tipping point.

I turned it off, ejected the DVD, and sent it back to Netflix. I’m done with it.

Afterwards, I thought about what happened. I mean, I’ve watched 24–I’ve seen torture scenes. They’re never pleasant or entertaining in the least, but sometimes we watch terrible things to understand them better.

But this was too much. Too dark and too long. It went on and on.

So why didn’t I just skip that scene? This is the key: I realized that if the writers and director thought that was the type of thing they should spend time filming and showing, Outlander is not a show for me. Clearly I am not their audience. I am not entertained.

I’m curious if you’ve ever had this type of reaction to a show. Has there ever been a tipping point for you that made you turn off a show for good?