What Was the Most Grown-Up Thing You Did Today?

I am, at most, 63% of a grown-up.

Sure, I do adult things. I eat salad. I vacuum. I floss. I pay my bills. I don’t pull all-nighters.

But many of the things I do could be described as “bachelor” activities. And I don’t mean that like some suave, fitted-suit wearing, scotch-drinking bachelor living in an uptown penthouse, all clean lines and plates that match.

My version of bachelorhood is much more frugal. I have the same stereo system my parents gave to me before I went off to college in 1999. I’ve worn the same dress shoes for 10 years. Almost every piece of storage-related furniture in my condo was given to me by someone else who no longer needed it. Heck, I even gave myself a partial haircut this morning (just a trim).

IMG_5580It doesn’t help that my place also kind of resembles a cat lady’s apartment. My doormat has cats on it. My calendar features cats doing yoga poses. I have these weird cat sculptures a coworker used to get for me when she traveled. And that’s not to mention all of the toys and necessities I own for my actual cats.

Why am I telling you this? Well, today I did something that grown-ups do: I bought towels.

That may not seem like a big deal, so I’ll give you some context: As I drove to IKEA today for a replacement part for my sit/stand desk, I happened to mention that my one shower towel was quite old. Like, 11 years old. It’s older than Biddy (and almost as soft!)

I never considered this an issue, because I can just wash the towel once every month or so (a frequency my friend scoffed at) and it’s good as new, right? But in truth, I’ve noticed that my towel never really feels completely clean. It always kind of smells like it hung out in the rain for too long.

So I bought not one, but two towels. I threw away the old one. I can’t wait to shower tomorrow.

I don’t have to wash the towel first, right? That seems like too much of a grown-up thing to do.

What’s the most grown-up thing you did today?