Why Do Actors Have to Wear Makeup?

I’ll start off by saying that I have an odd dislike for makeup. It isn’t a judgment against anyone who wears it–I’m just not a fan.

It’s because of this that I find it totally weird that not only do women have to wear a lot of makeup if they’re appearing on TV or in the movies, but even men have to wear makeup for those situations.

Again, there is really no reason for me to think this is weird. It’s just weird to me.

I think part of that is that I just don’t understand the reason for it. I’ve heard that for stage acting, without makeup, it’s really hard to see the features of an actor’s face. That doesn’t make sense to me, but maybe it’s due to the lighting?

The other reason I’ve heard is that due to HD, actors’ skin would be offputting to see on the big screen without thick layer of makeup. But is that really true? And even if it is true, is it really a problem that movie stars don’t look quite as smooth-skinned and perfect as makeup tricks us into believing?

I know, it’s an odd topic, and I’m fairly uninformed about it. Maybe you know something I don’t, so feel free to share.